Shop for the Best Local Produce at The Dallas Farmers Market

Jimmy's Food Store

Summer is the best time to try out new foods. The produce that you will find in our area cannot be beat. From huge squash to succulent berries, the mouthwatering options are endless. This summer, get to know the local vendors when you buy fresh produce from the Dallas Farmers Market. If you are not very familiar with fresh produce, besides apples and … [Read more...]

Check Out These 3 Uptown Dallas Restaurants

Grab Lunch at These 5 Dallas Restaurants

Finding a great place to eat is about more than just checking out some local menus. The ambiance, the decor and, of course, the food all come together in perfect harmony. Whether you are new to the area, are a foodie or are just looking for somewhere new, check out one of these great restaurants near our apartments this summer. Yutaka Sushi Bistro is … [Read more...]

3 Getaways You Should Take Before Summer is Over

Our Apartments are Located Minutes From Dallas Love Field

Summer is time that should be savored. The long sunny days will not last all year. Though this is a bit sad, it is a fact. Therefore, take the time now to make memories and visit places you may not otherwise go to. Before summer is over, take a trip to one of these spectacular locations. Get back to nature with a trip to The Ranch at Emerald Valley. … [Read more...]

Get Rid of Your Paper Clutter With These 5 Tips

Built in Desk

Papers gather everywhere. No matter how much you try and stay on top of the problem, it seems that there is always a stack of paper that requires your time and attention. Put an end to the paper avalanche. Use these five top tips to stay organized at our apartments. Be Proactive. Fight the urge to pick up the mail, walk in the house and drop it on … [Read more...]

Enjoy Shopping at West Village

Check Out the Beautiful Public Art in Dallas

When the words "West Village" are tossed out there, images of artists, musicians, film and great shops may pop into your mind. Whether you are thinking of NYC or Dallas, you would be right. One of the top destination spots near our apartments for music, food and shopping is West Village.  In 2001, great minds in architecture came together to create … [Read more...]