Enjoy the 4th of July at Fair Park Fourth

Here are some great tips for anyone looking to do some grilling here at your Dallas luxury apartments this Father's Day.

The 4th of July is a great time to get together with family and friends. This is a day to celebrate America and the traditions that have made our country great. As one of the top Dallas summer events, Fair Park Fourth, has become a great tradition for many over the years. Fair Park Fourth begins on the 4th of July at 6am and lasts through the night. … [Read more...]

Check Out the Beautiful Public Art in Dallas

Check Out the Beautiful Public Art in Dallas

Living in a big city like Dallas is wonderful. There are lots of things to do, people to see and places to enjoy. What is difficult in a big city is finding the space and time to relax. Turning off all the noise and giving yourself time to breathe is important. When you are looking for a moment to relax and let go, spend it enjoying some of the public art in … [Read more...]

The Built-In Computer Desks in Our Apartments Add Plenty of Storage Space

Arches at Park Cities

In a home office, there is a lot of stuff. Paperwork, printers, computer wires, pens, calendars and other odds and ends fill the space. If you lived in a home without a designated space for all of this, chances are it would end up in the center of the living room or on the dining table. A built-in desk helps to give you work life separation. When … [Read more...]

Be Sure to Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Buying a Rug for Your Apartment

Here are some great tips for  anyone interested in "sprucing up" some furniture at their Dallas luxury apartment.

In an apartment it is nice to have a rug. Not only are you buffering your footsteps and preventing unnecessary sound from penetrating into your neighbors apartment, but you are also adding a pop of color. Before you simply buy a rug online or pick one up from a store near our apartments, check out these apartment decorating ideas that will help you choose … [Read more...]

Check Out What Local Artisans Have to Offer at The Deep Ellum Outdoor Market

Check Out What Local Artisans Have to Offer at The Deep Ellum Outdoor Market

One of the benefits of our area is that there are so many creative people. From artists to musicians to chefs, Deep Ellum turns the norm on its head and creates something very beautiful. When you are out in Deep Ellum shopping near Dallas apartments, be sure to check out The Deep Ellum Outdoor Market.  Since 2010, the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market has … [Read more...]