5 Random Things That Will Improve Your Apartment

Random things that will improve your apartment

Here at The Arches at Park Cities, we're always looking for apartment living tips which will help our residents create the sort of lives they want. With this in mind, here are five random efforts which will transform your apartment for the better: Have your knives sharpened. The better your cooking tools, the easier it is to use them and the more … [Read more...]

3 Ideas for the Spare Bedroom in Your Apartment

What to do with your spare bedroom

Having extra space in one's home is pretty much a universal desire. If you're fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom, for instance, the possibilities are endless for what you can use that space for. Sadly, many people wind up using extra space for storage - but it doesn't have to be that way. Here are three great decorating ideas for a spare bedroom … [Read more...]

5 Fun Things to Do in Park Cities and Highland Park

Meadows Museum

For the residents of our Arches apartment community who are looking for things to do in Park Cities and Highland Park, here is a list of five fun activities close to home. Ice Skating Center - any time of year you can visit this unique ice skating rink in the center of Galleria Mall. Located on Dallas parkway, you can free skate or register to … [Read more...]

Looking for a Great Pizza? Check Out These 3 New Pizza Restaurants

SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza

If you're looking for good things to eat, the new pizza places in Dallas are probably just what you need. At these new places to eat, you can get plenty of pizza in your favorite varieties. There are several other great foods that you'll also enjoy. Uncle Maddio's - This new restaurant, reported to be opening two locations convenient to our … [Read more...]

3 Essential Items to Have For Your New Dog

Items for your new dog

Making the decision to become a pet owner can be just as scary as becoming a new parent! You want to make sure you do all the right things including taking care that your dog stays safe and the apartment damage free. Even the best trained dog will have an accident on those rare occasions. When this occurs blot with a fresh white cotton towel then … [Read more...]